AU House Rules

  • There is no +2 attack bonus for flanking. If a character has a special ability to flank (like Sneak Attack), then he can still flank and get the damage, but not the +2 attack.
  • An attack action can occur during a move action. For example, a charo with 30 feet of movement can move 10 feet, melee attack a creature, then move 20 feet.
  • Movement alone does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Attempting actions like Grapple, Sunder, or Disarm still may provoke such attacks.

These rules are in response to the “static battlefield” issues we’ve seen in d20 combats. The intent is not to nerf any abilities, but to free up the maps and improve options for creativity.

  • A PC can take second wind (regain one fourth maximum hp and gain +2 to defenses and saves for 1 round) as a full round action. This action can be taken once per encounter.

This rule is to reduce the dependence on a healer role.

Update after 1st session: I didn’t like any of these house rules. Let’s just play it straight up.

AU House Rules

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